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Review tour: Barbie Girl - Heidi Acosta

Barbie Girl (Baby Doll, #1)The only thing that 17 year old Barbie Starr wants to do is graduate high school so she and her little brother, Everett, can get out of Alabama. She doesn’t care about the rumors that are spread around about her like wild fire. Rumors are nothing new to her. Sure, maybe she could change her reputation, but why bother. She is leaving Alabama as soon as she can. That is, if she can pass algebra and graduate.

The only thing Dylan Knight would like to do is go through high school unnoticed; he has had enough of the drama that is high school. He took the whole of last summer to bulk-up: finally he is not being called names or being shoved into lockers. He wants to remain on the outside of the circle of constant rumors that surround the so-called popular kids who get all the attention. He would not, however, mind if his long time crush Katie took notice of him.

But it is Barbie who notices Dylan and she offers him a deal he can’t pass up: if he helps her pass algebra, she’ll help him get the girl of his dreams. Dylan agrees, but, as it turns out, nothing is simple when it comes to Barbie. Somehow, she can’t help but draw attention to herself — and to him. Soon Dylan finds himself tossed into the whirlwind of rumors that seem to follow Barbie everywhere. Can he save his reputation and still get the girl of his dreams? Or will Barbie be the one to break through his carefully-built facade?

Barbie girl was a quick read that I enjoyed from the very first till the last page. This book was different from most other contemporary YA-books. Most of the time the guy is the player, the trouble maker while the girl is the nerd, the lovely kid. But not this time, Barbie is trouble while Dylan is the good kid. At first you would think that they got nothing in common and it’s true, but at the same time you can’t deny the chemistry that sparks between them. And it’s impossible the characters they are all unique in their own way. Barbie doesn’t give a damn about what other people think about her. She knows what she is and which of all those rumors are true and that’s all that matters. Dylan on the other hand is very aware of what people might think of him so he tries to get through school unnoticed. Dylan’s best friend Third has always been bullied because he’s the fat kid, but he’s not afraid to tell people what he’s thinking. So if you put these three together you can imagine the fireworks that will explode which often leads to funny conversations between the three of them.  And of course there’s enough drama in the book, which is why you won’t be able to put the book down because you want to know if everything is going to work out. Sometimes I was screaming at them ‘cause they did something stupid. But that’s what makes this book so great, the characters are not perfect they have flaws like every normal people. And sometimes you are blind to things that are obvious to other people.
The only thing that bothered me about this book was the ending. I really got me wondering about what would happen afterwards. (Luckily I also got the second book :))

So this book was amazing, and I’m definitely going to read other books by this author.


Author: Heidi Acosta
Publishing Date: November 1st 2012
Pages: 191
Other books:
  • Barbie World (Baby Doll #2)


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