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Review: Seducing Fortune (Serendipity #3) by Brinda Berry

25346479Title: Seducing Fortune
Author: Brinda Berry
Series: Serendipity
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Publisher: Sweet Biscuit Publishing LLC
Publication date: March 14th 2015
Pages: 264 (paperback)
Source: received from author

Trust is the name of the game and fate holds the wild card...

Ex-stripper Emerson doesn't have the time to fall for her boss Dylan. Between working three jobs and attending college, Emerson's schedule doesn't have room for a boyfriend. Especially not Dylan, who's the poster boy for misbehaving bachelors- the kind of guys who belongs in Emerson's old life. But when a stalker with connections to her convict father threatens Emerson's loved ones, suddenly Dylan's the only one who calls to her heart.

As the heat between them rises, will Emerson risk his life by opening up to him? Or will she risk his love to stop a criminal?

Seducing Fortune is the third book in Brinda Berry’s Serendipty series. While it is a series all the books can be read as a standalone. While I have never read the first book in the series it is still easy to follow the storyline. Each book concentrates on a different character. The characters are interconnected which is nice when you have read the previous books. You can easily see how all the other characters are doing and how their lives are planning out.

Emerson her life is not easy. She works several jobs so she can support herself and her younger sister while going to college. So she has no time for boys, especially not for the ones she knows are trouble. Dylan is the last guy on earth she should be thinking about. Everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of broken hearts. Commitment is not a word that is in his vocabulary. Still Emerson cannot help but be attracted to him. To her surprise Dylan is the one who looks out for her when she starts to receive threats. Will Emerson give in to Dylan’s pursuit of her or will she resist even if it will break her heart?

Dylan and Emerson were both likeable characters. Dylan at first sight seems to be this carefree guy whose only concern is which girl he will pursuit next. But then when you get to know him better you find out that he is a good guy and that he has his reasons to not get too close to anyone. While he still had many flaws, like making assumptions about other people without getting to know them first, he was actually a really sweet guy. He really grew on me during the book. Emerson is a though girl, she learned how to fend for herself a couple of years ago when her father managed to ruin her entire family. Since then she does everything on her own, reluctant to accept anyone’s help. I was a bit frustrated at times with her because she kept pushing everyone away even though it was clear they only wanted the best for her.

What bothered me in this book was that the middle of the book was a bit slow and then the ending felt rushed. I believe that the story could have been paced out better. But this is the only concern I have with this book, other than that I really liked it. So while I might not have enjoyed it as much as the previous book in this series I still found it good read. And I am definitely planning on reading the rest of the books in this series. 


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