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Review: Incubus (Daughters of Lilith #2) by Jennifer Quintenz

15993686Title: Incubus
Author: Jennifer Quintenz
Series: Daughters of Lilith
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Secret Tree Press
Publication date: June 21st 2013
Pages: 318 (paperback) 
Source: received from author 

Braedyn Murphy used to think nothing important ever happened in her sleepy town of Puerto Escondido. But that was before she learned she was a descendent of Lilith, the mother of all demons. Now Braedyn fights to protect humanity from the Liliu - the beautiful, souls-stealing daughters of Lilith. 

As she fights the Lilitu, Braedyn must also fight her growing love for her boyfriend Lucas - because even a simple kiss could end his life. Their only ray of hope is an angel's offer to make Braedyn human, but it's an offer she can't accept until the world is safe from the Lilitu.

Braedyn knows she's a key player in this ancient war... but she's not ready to believe she just might be humanity's best hope of surviving the final battle for Earth.

Jennifer Quintenz reminded me in Incubus why exactly I loved the first book in this series so much.
Puerto Escondido is again threatened by evil, this time the town is terrorized by an Incubus. No one has heard of one in centuries, the Guard doesn’t know who they can trust anymore. On top of this threat they still have to prepare for the upcoming battle with the Lilitu.

Braedyn has the hardest time of all she’s an official part of the guard, but there are still people who distrust her since she’s a Lilitu. So she’s not allowed to know certain Lilitu history and knowledge that is essential for her. We all know Braedyn this won’t stop her, so she sets out to discover these things on her own. But what she discovers turns her world upside down. On top of that Braedyn has to deal with all the high school drama.
This is the part I had some issues with. Braedyn never did something to make the Guard believe she wasn’t trustworthy, so why did they treat her like this? And then they blame her that she looks for answers herself and makes mistakes. Agreed Breadyn should trust the people around her more and she’s way to stubborn for her own good. But I felt really sorry for her in the end.

Incubus has a lot more action than the previous book and the battle scenes are just epic! The writing flowed easily throughout the book so it was easy to be pulled into the book. New relationships were formed and old ones were tested.

I would recommend this book for anyone who loves reading fantasy where characters try to find out where in the world they fit. I am looking forward to read the third book in this series! 


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