Monday 30 June 2014

Review: The Donor (Part 1) by Nikki Rae

Title: The Donor
Author: Nikki Rae
Genre: Paranormal, NA
Publication date: July 14th
Pages: 27 (ebook)
Source: received from author
Author links: Amazon | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter

[Disclaimer: This is a serial novella that will be told in parts about the length of a short story (20-30pages)]

Casey Williams and her family are poor. Her parents work non-stop and so does she, just so they can keep the trailer roof from leaking.

They're getting by fine enough when the headaches start. Then there's the nosebleeds. And the inevitable doctor's bills.

Fortunately for Casey, there's an exclusive, quick, and almost easy way to pay it all back before her parents even have to know.

All she has to do is give a man she's never met whatever he wants from her body.

Inside or out.

- Goodreads -

Nikki is probably one of my favorite independent authors. Her Sunshine series was amazing so when I heard she was working on a new project I was ecstatic.

Even though The Donor is only a short story of twenty-seven pages Nikki manges to pull me right into the story. With her books it's impossible not to get sucked into it directly. She even manages to let me feel connected with the main character in those few pages. So many things already happened in this novella, without it being an overload. Nikki revealed everything bit by bit so that you had the time to come up with your own conclusions. Many things I suspected by not Casey's story. I am looking forward to learn more about Casey and Jonah.

I can't wait to till the next part of this novella comes out in August. The Donor is definitely a recommondation for everyone!

Author bio

Nikki Rae is a writer who lives in New Jersey. As an independent author, she has appeared numerously on Amazon Best Seller lists and she concentrates on making her imaginary characters as real as possible. Nikki writes mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she'll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely.


Sunday 29 June 2014

Stacking The Shelves #43

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For review: 



Friday 27 June 2014

Review: Five Out of the Dark (Five #1) by Holli Anderson

Title: Five Out of the Dark

Author: Holli Anderson
Series: Five
Genre: paranormal, fantasy, YA, MG
Publisher: Quriosity Quills
Publication date: August 201th 2013
Pages: 250 (paperback)
Source: received from publisher

Five teenagers who've recently discovered they have magical powers and are living in the Seattle underground feel it's their responsibility to protect unsusepcting humans from otherwordly foes. Things are going well until Johnathan, their unofficial leader and the boy sixteen year old Paige is in love with, is bitten by a changeling - the venomous saliva causing him to metamorphose into a ravening beast with each full moon. Paige vows that, no matter the cost, she will find a way to cure Johnathan of the evil that has embedded istself in his soul.
Johnathan's monthly transformations and dialy personilty roller coaster isnet the only problem they have to deal with. The Five are also gearing up to face their toughest and most dangerous enemy yet - a powerful and ruthless Warlock who will go to any means, including high school, to build his Dark Army.

When Paige discovered her powers she didn’t know what was happening to her. To be safe she had to run away, when she meets Jonathan here world gets even crazier. Like her Jonathan has powers of his own. Bit by bit they discover the truth behind their powers together with three other magicians their age.

I loved the setup of this book, Five out of the Dark was set in Seattle. Not something special you would think and you are right. But the characters lived in the underground, I didn’t know Seattle had houses and roads under the newer ones. So that was an interesting fact.

The characters were all likeable and the story was believable even with all the paranormal aspects that were interwoven with the story. The bond that develops between the different characters is interesting to see. Paige was an interesting character, I had a hard time connecting with her. She was a bit possessive over Jonathan and she could be quite bossy. But by the end of the book we could finally she her character grow. Maybe it would have been better if there was a dual point of view, and not only Paige’s. After all they are the Five so why not give them an equal voice?

The writing was rather fast paced, at times I felt it was all a bit rushed. When we were halfway through the book the pace finally slowed down a bit. I was glad since I could finally experience it a bit better. There were many twists and turns in the plotline and because there were two major plotlines the book kept your attention.

The book felt to me like a mix between Middle Grade and Young Adult. The darker aspects might have been too heavy for middle graders, but it was also a bit too light for young adult readers. Anyway this book was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to read the second book in this series.


Wednesday 25 June 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #56: Sinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3.5) by Maggie Stiefvater

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. It spotlights books that have not yet been released, but ones that you should pre-order today! This week's book that I am anxiously awaiting is:

by Maggie Stiefvater


A standalone companion book to the internationally bestselling Shiver Trilogy.

Sinner follows Cole St. Clair, a pivotal character from the #1 New York Times bestselling Shiver Trilogy. Everybody thinks they know Cole's story. Stardom. Addiction. Downfall. Disappearance. But only a few people know Cole's darkest secret - his ability to shift into a wolf. One of these people is Isabel. At one point, they may have even loved each other. But that feels like a lifetime ago. Now Cole is back. Back in the spotlight. Back in the danger zone. Back in Isabel's life. Can this sinner be saved?

Why I can't wait
I liked the first three books in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. But I especially loved Cole, he was such a great series. So I can't wait to read more about him and get to know him better.

Publication date: July 1st


Tuesday 24 June 2014

Big announcement!

Hi guys!

First of all I want to thank you all for following my blog, commenting and reading all my rambling thoughts on books. You guys are amazing!

Now on to the annoucement. This summer, from the beginning of June till the end of August, I will not be as active as I normally am. I got a summer job in the US this summer and I am leaving on Monday, so excited! But because I will be working a lot, meeting new people and adjusting to this whole new situation I will not be able to read as much as I normally do. I will try to post as many blog post as I can though. I’ve already prescheduled some posts. But I just wanted to let you guys know why I won’t be as much around as normal and why my responding time might be longer than usual.

Many thanks for your understanding and I hope to see you all back in September!


Teaser Tuesday #24: Shattered Secrets (Book of Red #1) by Krystal Wade

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading!

To participate all you have to do is:
- Grab your current read- Open to a random page
- Share "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page

Shattered Secrets
by Krystal Wade


"Megan screamed, raising all the hairs on the back of my neck. A paramedic squeezed her hands around her throat, effectively ending her cry for help and warbling it into something sicening, a sound that didn't belong to my friend."  (p.240)


Monday 23 June 2014

Review: Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare

10025305Title: Clockwork Prince
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Infernal Devices
Genre: fanstasy, YA
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication date: December 6th 2011
Source: own-it

In magical Victorian London, orphan Tessa found safety with the Shadowhunters, until traitors betray her to the Magister. He wants to marry her, but so do self-destructive Will and fiercely devoted Jem. Mage Magnus Bane return to help them. Secrets to her parentage lie with the mist-shrouded Yorkshire Institute's aged manager Alyosius Starkweather.

I began to read Clockwork Prince a bit reluctantly since it was clear that there would be a major love triangle in it. And if there is one thing that I hate the most in books it’s love triangles. And yes there was one in it but it didn’t bother me as much as it usual does. I mean it’s clear who Tessa really loves, so it’s not such a big love triangle.

But I am so glad that I read this book. There was a lot less action in it than in Clockwork Angel and I have to admit that I missed all the action. This book was mostly relationship and character driven. I really felt connected with the characters, especially to Will. We finally get to see what’s happening inside of his pretty head. The walls that he built around himself finally start to collapse bit by bit thanks to Tessa. And I love her for that, Tessa is such a sweet girl I mean it’s just impossible not to like her.  I also enjoyed that Sophie got a bigger part in this books, she’s an amazing girl and she deserves the best. And I hope that she will keep growing in the next book.

Like I mentioned before there wasn’t as much action in this book than in the first one. But there were still enough plot twist and other things that happened to keep me on the edge of my seat. And since a lot is still left unresolved the next book has to have a lot more action, at least I hope so!

Anyway I loved this book and I can’t wait to read the last book in this series! 


Sunday 22 June 2014

Stacking The Shelves #43

Showcase Sunday's/Stacking the Shelves aim is to showcase our newest bookNes or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week. This Sunday meme is hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea and Tynga's Reviews:


21863930 18212395


Thursday 19 June 2014

Review: Bird After Bird (The Byrds of Birdseye #) by Leslea Tish

18004580Title: Bird After Bird
Author: Leslea Tish
Series: The Byrds of Birdseye
Publication date: April 6th 2014
Pages: 290 (kindle)
Source: Netgalley

Dear Birdy, Princess Birdzilla von MuffinStuff, Keeper of Dreams, Lover of our Fine Feathered Friends, queen of my life and light of my world, I hope this letter finds you well. If you are reading this then I am gone, and sweetheart, I am so sorry.

Chi-town professional Wren Riley is 25 and a rising star in the business world. She can eat a man alive and laugh about it to her girlfriends in seconds flat - and she does, on the regular. Behind the power suits and the flashing, flirty eyes, however, Wren has a secret, vulnerable side. Following a devastating loss and the discovery of a bird journal she and her father made together years before, Wren sets out to seek peace, closure, and something she just can't name. Is that something tied to her little paper cranes she keeps finding along the way? 

Laurence Byrd grew u a lanky Hoosier kid with the good/bad fortune of having the same name as the state's perennial basketball legend. With a better affinity for dogs than sports or school, he ends up in the Army instead of the Chicago art school of his dreams. Still, his service to our country is something he can be proud of - until an argument with the girl who means the world to him results in a series of events that blow his life apart. With no one left to understand him, black sheep Laurie pours out his heart into letters and drawings he never intends to send - then he folds them into paper cranes that he leaves behind like messages in little winged bottles. He never dreams someone might be finding them. 

God damn it, Sylvia, for a few moments I tricked myself into feeling really alive. I cut it off before anyone got hurt, but just for a moment or two, I really thought I might feel something again - something like trust. Something like love. Not the kind of love we had, but something new. Something like hope.

Spoiler alert: Wren and Laurie are going to meet. And when they do, their lives are never going to be the same.

Bird After Bird sounded like a perfect sweet read. And in some ways it was but in others it wasn’t. There were certain things that annoyed the hell out of me while reading but in some way I wasn’t able to book the book down either.

Lawrence Byrd is a sweet young men who couldn’t imagine living anywhere else than in Birdseye. He has had a rough life, he was sent to a warzone, his mother doesn’t support him in anything he does and he has lost is fiancĂ© in a tragic accident. Wren has had a rough life too, she has lost both her parents to cancer. But unlike Lawrence she escaped Birdseye a long time ago, living in such a small town is not for her. There worlds seem miles apart but somehow they collide. And when they do fireworks explode.

I loved how the author developed the characters, she did so through a unique way. Laurie wrote letters to his fiancĂ© to find some peace of mind and fold them into origami birds. Wren finds peace with her father’s death through their bird book. Even when he was not around anymore he opened Wren’s eyes and made her see what’s important to her. Laurie himself was a huge positive aspect in this book. He was good hearted and so sweet, maybe too sweet for his own good.  He was willing to make some sacrifices in his life in order to be with Wren. And he never failed to help out his friends when they needed him.

What annoyed me in this book was Wren. She was so selfish at times that I still can’t believe it. I get that she is ambitious and that she wants a good comfortable life, but she never even tried to let people in. And when she finally let Laurie in she doesn’t communicate with him when she makes a big decision that will influence both their lives. All she could do was think about herself and think about all the opportunities she would get. But she failed to look how all her decisions would influence Laurie. Thank god she finally got some sense at the end of the book. Don’t get me wrong, Wren could be a sweet girl too, she stood up for Laurie at times and she was quiet admirable at times. But for a boy like Laurie she has to be so much better.

Overall a good debut book by Leslea Tish. It was more than enjoyable and some very unique aspect could be find in this book. Bonus point all the bird facts I now know by reading this book.


Wednesday 18 June 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #55: Oceanborn (The Aquarathi #2) by Amalie Howard

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. It spotlights books that have not yet been released, but ones that you should pre-order today! This week's book that I am anxiously awaiting is:

by Amalie Howard

The coronation is over.

But the battle has just begun.

Nerissa Marin has won her crown. But can she keep it? Already, her ties to the human realm are driving a wedge between Nerissa and her people. When word arrives that her part-human prince consort, Lo, has been poisoned, she makes the difficult choice to leave Waterfell and return landside. As the royal courts debate her decision, even more disturbing rumors surface: a plot is rising against her, led by someon she least expects. 

On land, Nerissa learns another shocking truth: Lo does not remember who she is. As her choice to try to save him threatens her hold on her crown, changing loyalties and uncertainty test her courage in ways she could never have imagined. Nerissa will have one last chance to prove herself as a queen...and save the undersea kingdom she loves.

Why I can't wait
I read the first book in this series at the beginning of the year. And while I was not a huge fan of it I saw the potential it had. So I am hoping that this one will be more intresting and better than the first one. 

Publication date: July 29th 2014


Monday 16 June 2014

Review: Fighting for Infinity (The Kindrily #3) by Karen Amanda Hooper

17932303Title: Fighting for Infinity
Author: Karen Amanda Hooper
Series: The Kindrily
Publisher: Starry Sky Publishing
Publishing date: April 30th 2014
Pages: 350 (paperback)

Every moment, every lifetime, every decision - including her choice to erase - has led Maryah to this. 

Two outcomes are possible: an infinite happy-ever-after with her kindrily or the final severing of her relationship with Nathan. 

Closer to the enemy than ever before, Maryah unravels the diabolical plan that Dedrick has been manipulating into place for centuries. Revelations, secrets, and lies surface faster than Maryah can process. She doesn't know who to trust, what to believe, or how to save her loved ones from the desolate future Dedrick is so close to executing.

Guided by an enigmatic raven-haired prisoner, Maryah fights body and soul to save Nathan, her kindrily, and countless others. But is her love strong enough to alter a prophecy written in the stars? 

I read the first book in the Kindrily series just because the cover caught my attention on Netgalley. But boy am I glad that it did! This series was just amazing, it blew my mind away. I still don’t understand why not more people know about this series. So please people go out and buy these books, I promise they won’t disappoint you!

For almost a year I have been waiting for this book to come out. Even though I didn’t want this series to end I was dying to know how this series would end.

One of the things I loved about these books was that they weren’t gaps between the books. The next book just picked up where the other ended. This way we didn’t have to guess what happened in the time between. It was nice for a change to read a series like that.

Karen has the ability to make every book different. In the first it was about Maryah finding out she was a Kindrily and accepting her life as one of them. The second did focus a bit more on the romance part. And this third book, well so much did happen. The characters grow in many ways. Maryah grew a lot more confident than she was when we first met her and the developments in this book were just amazing.  So many secrets were revealed, all the questions you might have had throughout the series were answered. And there were still enough surprises and turns and twist to keep the series a real page turner.  

Another great thing about this series: we get to meet Rina and at the beginning I didn’t know what to think of her. Was she a friend? An enemy? She sends some very mixed signals and it was a bit unclear to me… but it took me definitely a while to figure out who she really was. Boy I could have never seen that coming at the beginning of the book. Rina played a very important role in this book. She affected outcomes of some major events. I’m definitely glad that Karen invented her as a character and made her as important as she was for this book (I am secretly hoping that Karen will write a spin-off series around her).  And the other important character in this book, next to the Kindrily was Dedrick. Yes he has been important since book one, but know we got to see more about him. And we finally got to know his complete background story. I loved how the author waited to reveal all his secrets till the end. Even while reading Fighting for Infinity you didn’t know what was true or what not. Dedrick really made you question everything you thought was true. In some way this guy was really brilliant!

I cannot express enough how much I loved this series! I will probably keep in mind for a long time to come and I will reread it more than once. I am a little sad that the series ended, so please Karen write a spin-off series or a short novel (the honeymoon you hinted at?). So guys if you haven’t read this series yet, please read it. I cannot wait to read other books by Karen. 

*Note I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review*


Sunday 15 June 2014

Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan

17208924Titlle: Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Authors: John Green and David Levithan
Genre: Contemporary, YA
Publisher: Penguin 
Publication date: May 10th 2012
Pages: 307 (paperback) 

One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two strangers cross paths. Two teens with the same name, running in two very different circles, suddenly find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, culminating in heroic turns-of-hearts and the most epic musical ever to grace the high-school stage. 

Will Grayson, Will Grayson is the third book I’ve read by John Green and the first by David Levithan. But I have seen the movie adaption of Nick and Norah’s infinite Playlist and I loved it. So I thought nothing could go wrong with this book. And I was right, I love every second of this book. Both authors are really talented.
I have tried a million times to read a decent review for this book. But everything I write is just me rambling, believe me none of the reviews made sense. So I’m going to do it a bit different than normal, I am just going to sum up in ten points why I loved this book so much.
  1. The combination of Green and Levithan = amazing
  2. Tiny Cooper! This guy was a great character, I am really glad Green invented him!
  3.    All the humor in this book, I can’t remember the last time a book made me smile this hard.
  4. The friendship: a big part (if not all) of this book is about friendship.
  5.  The name similarity of the characters, one of my best friends has the same (first) name as me so I know how some situations can get a little confusing at times.
  6. The message of this book: be yourself, be happy!
  7. The characters: so far it seems like Green always has these underdogs, “social outcasts” as main characters in his books. And that’s one of the things I love most about his books.
  8. The place the two Wills met, the whole situation was just hilarious.
  9.   Love! Romance wasn’t a big part in this book, but it was more the kind of love between friends. Love can change a lot of things in a good way.
  10.   Did I already mention John Green? 


Stacking The Shelves #41

Showcase Sunday's/Stacking the Shelves aim is to showcase our newest bookNes or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week. This Sunday meme is hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea and Tynga's Reviews:

For review: 

21844566 22432732 22026515 20724259

Saturday 14 June 2014

Review: Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott

17258743Title: Heartbeat
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Genre: Contemporary, YA
Publisher: Harlequin Teen 
Publication date: January 28th 2014
Pages: 304 (hardback) 

Life. Death. And...Love?

Emma would give anything to talk to her mother one last time. Tell her about her slipping grades, her anger with her stepfather, and the boy with the bad reputation who might be the only one Emma can be herself with.

But Emma can't tell her mother anything. Because her mother is brain-dead and being kept alive by machines for the baby growing inside her. 

Meeting bad-boy Caleb Harrison wouldn't have interested Olde Emma. But New Emma - the one who exists in a fog of grief, who no longer cares about school, whose only social outlet is her best friend Olivia - New Emma is startled by the connection she and Caleb forge. 

Feeling her own heart beat again wakes Emma from the grief that has grayed her existence. Is there hope for this life after death - and maybe, for love? 

I have some very mixed feelings about this book. I kind of liked it but at the same time I wanted to shake some sense into the main character. I understand that Emma, the main character, was going through a lot but she was so selfish at times!

When we met her she was a very angry teenage girl, angry at her stepdad, at herself and at the world in general. She had everything to be happy, stellar school grades, a loving mother and stepfather and she would get a little brother or sister. But then her mother collapsed and died. Without consulting Emma her stepdad decides to keep her mom ‘alive’ through machines in order to save the baby. So it’s normal that she felt pushed out of his life but she didn’t even try to get his point of view on the whole situation. Well to be honest they both didn’t try to see how the other was feeling about the situation. I can understand that she was bitchy, to say the least, at times towards everyone and everything. But what bothered me the most was that she suddenly seemed to have this epiphany at the very end of the book that everything is ok and that’s she’s ok with it too. I missed the process of seeing her mental wounds heal.  

But then there was Caleb and he definitely made the book a lot better. Like Emma he’s been through hell and like her he doesn’t know how to cope with it. But with him we get to see the progress he makes to get his life back on track. He was a very sweet boy, he was there for Emma when no one else was. He didn’t try to say that everything would be alright because he knows firsthand that nothing will ever be alright after you have to go through something like that.

One of my favorite parts was at the ending when Emma and her stepdad finally realized that they both made some mistakes. And that they had to make the best out of it because no matter what they are still a family. Only everything at the end seemed a bit rushed and I wouldn’t have minded if the ending was a bit longer.

All in all a beautiful story that treats a difficult topic. But there was definitely some wasted potential. I am definitely going to read some other books from this author and see how they work out for me. 


Thursday 12 June 2014

Cover Reveal: Go With Me (With Me #2) by Elyssa Patrick

Title: Go With Me
Author: Elyssa Patrick
Series: With Me
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
Publication date: June 19th 2014
Author links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

I, Daphne Fox, have a few things to confess: 

1. I hate Nick Brady. Loathe, Abhor. Can't stand him 95% of the time.
2. That other 5%? I'm not talking about that at all.
3. People think I'm lucky for surviving the car crash. I disagree. 
4. Nick is the only guy who makes my nightmares go away. 
5. I won't love him, though. Love is not worth the pain. 

I, Nick Brady, have a few confessions of my own. 

1. I don't hate Daphne Fox. At all.
2. I find her scar sexy. Just like the rest of her. 
3. I may be her older brother's best friend, but that's not going to stop me. 
4.  I love her.
5. And I'm going to do everything I can to have her. 

Author bio 

Elyssa Patrick is a former high school English teacher who left the classroom to write contemporary romances and New Adult. She is currently hard at work on her next novel. 

Want to know when Elyssa's next book comes out? Sign up for her newsletter.
She loves to hear from her readers! You can email her at


Wednesday 11 June 2014

Review: Forever (Temptation #3) by Karen Ann Hopkins

Forever (Temptation, #3)Title: Forever
Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
Series: Temptation 
Genre: contemporary, romance, YA
Publisher: Harlequin Teen 
Publication date: January 28th 2014
Pages: 336 (paperback)

All I want is my happily-ever-after. 

That's all I've wanted since meeting Noah Miller. 

From the day we met, the world has tried to keep Noah and me from being together, but now that I'm carrying his child, no one will be able to tear us apart. Or so I hope. But Noah and I have made some mistakes along  the way, and the consequences are impacting the people we love. Worse, there's a storm on the horizon, and it's sure to cause serious devastation. 

If we can get through this, we'll finally be Rose and Noah; a family, forever. 

But first we have to survive the road ahead. And happily-ever-after is a long way off. 

Almost two years ago I read the first book in this series, Temptation. Ever since then I couldn’t see how Rose and Noah’s love story possibly could work out. He’s Amish she’s not and Rose is too free spirited to ever be a true Amish girl. But the author managed to give this book a worthy ending, I couldn’t be happier with the ending she provided.

In the first two books the main characters got on my nerves from time to time because they were still so immature at times, especially Rose. But they both grew so much during these series, instead of letting the situation controlling their lives they took the matter into their own hands and made the best out of it. There is not much I can tell about the story without giving major spoilers.

It was nice to have Sam and Sarah too as narrators. It showed how Rose’s and Noah’s relationship affected the ones around them. Both Amish and non-Amish. Additionally Sam’s relationship with Summer and Sarah’s young love with Micah gave the book more depth.

There were a couple of plot twist and events that left me completely speechless. A certain event even brought me too tears, I could never have seen that coming. But in a way I understand that it was necessary for Noah, so that he could get a wakeup call. But I’m not so sure about the ending, it hinted at Justin being involved with an Amish girl and while I loved the Temptation series I can’t see what good it would bring the author to create a story around those two.

Forever was an amazing ending to a lovely series, I loved how well the author developed the characters throughout the series. We literally could see them grow and I will keep Rose and Noah in my mind for a long time for sure. I’m definitely reading future work by her. 


Waiting on Wednesday #54: The Glass Sentence (The Mapmakers Trilogy #1) by S.E. Grove

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. It spotlights books that have not yet been released, but ones that you should pre-order today! This week's book that I am anxiously awaiting is:

The Glass Sentence 
by S.E. Grove

The Glass Sentence (The Mapmakers Trilogy, #1)

She has only seen the world through maps. She had no idea they were so dangerous. 

Boston, 1891. Sophia Tims comes from a family of explorers and cartologers who, for generations, have been traveling and mapping the New World - a world changed by the Great Disruption of 1799, when all the continents were flung into different time periods. Eight years ago, her parents left her with her uncle Shadrack, the foremost cartologer in Boston, and went on an urgent mission. They never returned. Life with her brilliant, absent-minded, adored uncle has thaught Sophia to take care of herself. 

Then Shadrack is kidnapped. And Sophia, who has rarely been outside of Boston, is the only one who can search for him. Together with Theo, a refugee from the West, she travels over rough terrain and uncharted ocean, encounters pirates and traders, and relies on a combination of Shadrack's maps, common sense, and her own slantwise powers of observation. But even as Sophia and Theo try to save Shadrack's life, they are in danger of losing their own.

The Glass Sentence plunges readers into a time and place they will not want to leave, and introduces them to a heroine and hero they will take to their hearts. It is a remarkable debut. 

Why I can't wait
There are several reasons why I can't wait to read this book. First it's historical fiction, and I love historical fiction. Secondly the book just sounds amazing, a lot of adventure mixed with romance. And last but not least I love the name of the main character :D

Publication date: June 12th 2014


Tuesday 10 June 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #31: Top Ten Books I've Read So Far This Year

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Broke and Bookish. This weeks is: 
Top Ten  Books I've Read So Far This Year

17932303181686371913722218755539Taste of Darkness (Healer, #3)183368251581140571716371745771713579352