Wednesday 22 July 2015

Waiting on Wednesday #102: Raging Sea (Undertow #2) by Michael Buckley

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. It spotlights books that have not yet been released, but ones that you should pre-order today! This week's book that I am anxiously awaiting is:

Raging Sea
by Michael Buckley


In the first book of Michael Buckley's Undertow trilogy, the Alpha arrived and the world was never the same. At the start of the second book, most of south Brooklyn is in ruins and the nation is terrified. Nearly everyone that Lyric Walker loves is either missing or presumed dead, including the mesmerizing prince Fathom. It's up to Lyric to unite the Alpha before the second wave of a cataclysmic invasion wipes out mankind for good. The Undertow trilogy is an unforgettable reading experience that author E. Lockhart calls, "Allegorical and romantic, the book nevertheless reads like an action movie with especially awesome CGI."


Why I Can't Wait

I read the first book in this series last week and it was an interesting read. I am curious now to see what will happen in the next book.

Publication date: February 2nd 2016


Tuesday 21 July 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #69: Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Broke and Bookish. This weeks topic is Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters


Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
Played (Hooked #2) by Liz Fichera
Crash into You (Pushing the Limits #3) by Katie McGarry
The Rosie Project (Don Tillman #1) by Graeme Simsion
Temptation (Temptation #1) by Karen Ann Hopkins
A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle #1) by Libba Bray
Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry #1) by Simone Elkeles
The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon
Favorite Daughter by Paula Margulies
Whispers from the Dead (Serenity's Plain Secrets #2) by Karen Ann Hopkins


Monday 20 July 2015

Review: ****: The Anatomy of Melancholy by Matthew Selwyn

25499871Title: ****: The Anatomy of Melancholy
Author: Matthew Selwyn
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Adult
Publisher: Electric Reads
Publication date: May 22nd 2015
Pages: 172 (hardcover)
Source: received from publisher

Reality is overrated. Sex, love, power, life: it's gone digital. Why settle for a girlfriend with cellulite? Why spend every day working a dead-end job? These are the new days, the infinite days: plug in, get connected. Life is porn, porn is life, don't accept anything less than the electric light show that is our digital reality.

At the end of every computer screen, a mind is being formed on the material coughed up by the web that connects us all: this is the story of one of the internet's children, told from his own warped perspective. This is the millennial generation, the Y generation: we're horny, lonely, afraid, and self-confident. This is our story, our reality.

Thrillingly inventive and powerfully engaging, ****: The Anatomy of Melancholy is a timely examination of life and masculinity in the digital age, a study of loneliness of mental decay, and a satire on the consumption of literature of disaffection. Brutally honest and darkly comic, it is a very modern novel about a very modern life. 

****: The Anatomy of Melancholy is a book that stands out from anything else that I have ever read before. It is so unique in many different ways.

The book was an eye-opener for me where it concerns modern society. It portrays modern youth that grew up in a digital age in a captivating way.  The book tells us exactly what goes on in daily life through the eyes of the narrator. Sex, drugs, violence… sadly it is all part of modern society and a lot of it is fueled by the unrealistic expectations that are created by the internet and TV.  The narrator’s perspective on women and life is offensive. To be honest at the beginning of this book I was a bit shocked by the outlook he had on life. Be prepared to find a very unlikable character in this book.  He might not be you normal book hero but as the story continues you cannot help but get some sympathy for him. Like so many of us he is a victim of the modern world and in some ways I could completely understand him.

This book stands out in so many other ways as well. There are no chapters in this book, the narrator’s life is told in little fragments. In the beginning it threw me a bit off, but it makes sense to do it this way. Like in modern society there is no time to stand still and to dwell on things. We have to keep moving forward no matter what.  Even though the book jumped from one scene to the next it all still made sense. The author worked with certain repetitive scenes so that it was easy to keep track of what was going on. Something else that was completely different than in most books was the way in which the narrator told the story. I felt like he was telling his story personally to me in an informal conversation. And while he might be someone we do not like, we still listen to him since deep down we know that his words actually make sense.

Overall I really liked this book. It was something completely different than I normally read and I am happy that I took a chance with it because it is an amazing read. Matthew Selwyn definitely made an impression on me with his debut novel. I cannot wait to see what he will come up with next.


Friday 17 July 2015

Band of the Month July: The Maine

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I love going to music concerts and to music festivals. My iPod is next to my ereader my best friend. I never go anywhere without my music. So I figured that it was about time that I introduced some music in my blog. From now on I will feature one of my favorite bands each month. Maybe you know them, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ll like them, maybe you’ll hate them. But anyway I think that this is going to be lots of fun!

The Maine is an American rock band from Arizona, that was formed in 2007. Its fifth studio album American Candy was released earlier this year. And it is amazing how far these guys have come if you compare all their albums. One of the things that I love the most about this band is their lyrics. They touch on so many subjects that should be addressed more in society. From feeling left out to messing your life up completely. This while their songs have catchy tunes. The Maine is definitely one of my favorite bands since years. And I hope that they will keep existing for many more years. Also they have just announced their Free For All Tour, so all their shows on this tour will be completely free! If you have the chance to go to one of their shows than you definitely should do it. You can check their website for more information.

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Thursday 16 July 2015

Review: Undertow (Undertow #1) by Michael Buckley

22749788Title: Undertow
Author: Michael Buckley
Series: Undertow
Genre: Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Publication date: May 5th 2015
Pages: 384 (hardcover)
Source: Netgalley

Sixteen-year-old Lyric Walker's life is forever changed when she witnesses the arrival of 30,000 Alpha, a five-nation race of ocean-dwelling warriors, on her beach in Coney Island. The world's initial wonder, and awe over the Alpha quickly turns ugly and paranoid and violent, and Lyric's small town transforms into a military zone with humans on one side and Alpha on the other. When Lyric is recruited to help the crown prince, a boy named Fathom, assimilate, she begins to fall for him. But their love is a dangerous one, and there are forces on both sides working to keep them apart. Only, what if the Alpha are not actually the enemy? What if they are in fact humanity's only hope of survival? Because the real enemy is coming. And it's more terrifying than anything the world has ever seen.

Action, suspense, and romance whirlpool dangerously in this cinematic saga, a blend of Distric 9 and The Outsiders.

This book started off really strong and I thought that this was going to be a really good book. Unfortunately the book could not fulfill all his expectations for me. My interest in this book just fell because of the unbelievable romance and the lack of action at times.

The concept of Undertow is really intriguing and the overall storyline was good as well.  We can never know what leaves on every single place on earth. For all we know there might be other species living on this earth without us knowing. So the might as well live in the ocean. In Undertow a species from the bottom of the ocean, known as the Alpha’s, have invaded the shores of Coney Island. Most humans are not so happy with their arrival and if they had their way they would throw them back in the ocean like they do with fish. Tension is not only building between humans and Alpha’s but also between humans and humans and between Alpha’s and Alpha’s. It is only a matter of time before everything will explode.

Lyric Walker, a sixteen-year-old native of Coney Island, sees everything happen from the frontlines. Her whole world got turned upside down the day the Alpha arrived on the shorelines. Everything she once thought was true was a lie. Now she has to lie to the ones she loves to protect them. So being forced to hang out with the Alpha prince does not make her life any easier. I felt like the romance between Fathom and Lyric was underdeveloped. They only met a couple of times and most of the time they spend together they were upset with each other. So I did not understand were all these feelings for each other suddenly came from. It all came across as a bit unbelievable.

The description of the culture of the Alphas with their hierarchy systems, rules and rules was truly captivating. And I wished that the author had invested more in exploring this all. Now I felt left in the dark at times. I was left with so many questions after finishing this book. I can only hope that we get to learn more about the Alpha’s in the following books. Also I felt like the author left a lot of other things unexplained as well. He touched on a subject briefly and then never spoke of it again. I just kept wondering what had happened or what was going on. And I do not like that feeling at all.

Overall I enjoyed this book. It has a really interesting concept and the storyline was good. But I just have a feeling that it could have been worked out better in many different aspects. Still I am captured enough by Undertow to want to know what is going to happen next.


Wednesday 15 July 2015

Cover Reveal + Waiting on Wednesday #101: Gaia (Wings of War #2) by Karan Ann Hopkins

Watchers and Angels are at war. Which side will Ember choose?

As the apocalypse draws near, Demons are becoming bolder and Watchers are joining forces to fight them. But the Watchers have their own agenda, one that defies Biblical scripture. They don't want the rapture to happen, making them enemies of the Celestial Host.

Against her own better judgment and an impassioned plea fro a higher being, Ember stays true to her first mentor, seeking out a powerful earth Watcher to continue her supernatural lessons.Ember has had a glimpse into the future and knows what's coming. She is being forced to develop her powers as quickly as possible, to fight the dark forces that are spreading across the earth. Heaven's sentinels have abandoned their posts to prepare for war. And the walls between the planes of existence are weakening. But who can Ember trust? Her guardian and lover is a Demon. Her best friend is a growler. And her mentor is a psychopath. Humankind is on the precipice; at the end of times. As ember struggles with morality, she soon discovers that there's something more frightening than anything she's faced before.

Why I Can't Wait

Really simple, the first book in this series was amazing. And so far I've loved every book that I've read by Karen Hopkins.


One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift card (Amazon, B&N, iTunes), and three winners will each receive a paperback copy of EMBERS (book one)!
Open internationally

About the Author

A native of New York State, Karen Ann Hopkins now lives with her family on a farm in the northern Kentucky, where her neighbors in all directions are members of a strict Amish community. Her unique perspective became the inspiration for the story of star-crossed lovers Rose and Noah. When she's not homeschooling her kids, giving riding lessons or tending to a menagerie of horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, she is dreaming up her next romantic novel.

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Tuesday 14 July 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #68: Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Broke and Bookish. This weeks topic is Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession


Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding
Easy (Contours of the Heart #1) by Tammara Webber
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
Origin (Corpus #1) by Jessica Khoury
Miracle on Regent Street (Evie Taylor) by Ali Harris
Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss #2) by Stephanie Perkins
On the Fence by Kasie West
Seraphina (Seraphina #) by Rachel Hartman
****: The Anatomy of Melancholy by Matthew Selwyn
the dragon of the month club by Iain Reading


Monday 13 July 2015

Review: Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

20649195Title: Because You'll Never Meet Me
Author: Leah Thomas
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Publication date: July 2nd 2015
Pages: 344
Source: Netgalley

In a stunning literary debut, two boys on opposite ends of the world begin an unlikely frienship that will change their lives forever.

Ollie and Moritz are best friends, but they can never meet. Ollie is allergic to electricity. Contact with it causes debilitating seizures. Moritz's weak heart is kept pumping by an electronic pacemaker. If they ever did meet, Ollie would seize. But Moritz would die without his pacemaker. Both hermits from society, the boys develop a fierce bond through letters that become a lifeline during dark times as Ollie loses his only friend, Liz, to the normalcy of high school and Moritz deals with a bully set out on destroying him.

A story of impossible friendship and hope under strange circumstances, this debut is powerful, dark and humorous in equal measure. These extraordinary voices bring readers into the hearts and minds of two special boys who, like many teens, are just waiting for their moment to shine.

Because You’ll Never Meet Me grabbed my attention because it dealt with a weird topic. Ollie has a rare allergy. He has violent reactions to anything electricity. Because of this he lives in a remote cabin with only his mother. Moritz relies on his pacemaker to keep alive. Because of this the two of them will never be able to meet. Against all odds they become close friends through their brief correspondence. Together they learn more about themselves, about the world and about one another.
Because You’ll Never Meet Me was a very sweet book. It’s a book about friendship and forgiveness. 

Both Ollie’s and Moritz’ their lives are limited because of their conditions. At first it might have 
seemed like that the two boys had almost nothing in common. One of them was the happy one, while the other only saw the negative in all things. But nothing is as it seems. They both blossom into two young men when their correspondence continues.

The book was interesting since it is told through the letters Ollie and Moritz exchanged. I really appreciated that the other gave the two characters very distinct voices. Moritz is the unhappy German boy, who thinks that nothing in his life is worth it. Ollie on the other end is the American boy who lives isolated in the woods. He has been missing out on a lot things his entire life but he does not seem to mind the simplicity of his life. Yet when they strike up their correspondence they find out that there is so much more about the other one that one might see at first. They learn how to let go of the past and how to embrace the future.

What I did not expect when I started this book was that the book would take a slightly sci-fi turn. I was not prepared for this at all and I am still not too sure what I have to think of it. I believe that I would have liked this book a lot more if the book had been more “normal”. The lab and the kids that came from it were a bit over the top for me at times. I had a hard time imagining it all while the rest of the book felt so normal. Because besides this the book also deals with real life problems that I lot of teenagers have to deal with like bullying and first time love.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. But at time the pace of it was a bit too slow for me and not enough happened in it to keep me on the edge of my seat the entire time. And like I mentioned before the abnormalities in this book were a bit too much for me at times. But I am sure that there are many other readers out there who will enjoy this book immensely.  


Friday 10 July 2015

Book Blast: Sapient by Jerry Kaczmarowski‏

25334953Title: Sapient
Author: Jerry Kaczmarowski
Genre: Thriller, Young Adult
Release date: April 2015

Abandoned by her husband after the birth of their child, Jane Dixon’s world is defined by her autistic son and the research she does to find a cure for his condition. She knows her work on animal intelligence may hold the key. She also knows that the research will take decades to complete. None of it will ultimately benefit her son.

All that changes when a lab rat named Einstein demonstrates that he can read and write. Just as her research yields results, the U.S. government discovers her program. The army wants to harness her research for its military potential. The CDC wants to shut her down completely. The implications of animal intelligence are too dangerous, particularly when the previously inert virus proves to be highly contagious.

She steals the virus to cure her son, but the government discovers the theft. She must now escape to Canada before the authorities can replace her son’s mental prison with a physical one.


A young research assistant poked his head through the laboratory door and said, “We’re heading out to grab some beers. Want to join us?”

Dr. Jane Dixon brushed aside a strand of dark hair that had fallen from her ponytail. She waved the offer off without turning to face him and gave a curt, “Too much work.” I need to get out of here at a decent time to see Robbie, or I’m going to need to find a new nanny.

“Come on, Dr. Dixon. One quick drink. It’s Friday.”

She sighed and faced him, removing her dark-rimmed glasses. “How about a rain check?” She gave the younger man her best smile, but Jane knew she sounded insincere.

“Sure, a rain check.” The research assistant gave a perfunctory nod and let the door swing shut. Jane wouldn’t receive another invitation anytime soon, which was fine with her.

She put her hands in the small of her back and stretched, yielding a satisfying pop. Not for the first time, she congratulated herself on the regularity of her yoga workouts. They were one of the few distractions she permitted herself. With forty in the not-too- distant future, it was one distraction she couldn’t afford to forgo. She pulled her stool closer to her computer and checked her maze for the final time. She chuckled to herself. After all her years of education, she was reduced to playing video games with rodents. Using a virtual maze allowed her to create a level of complexity unrealistic with traditional animal intelligence testing.

Jane walked into an adjoining room with rows of cages where her subjects spent most of their day. She approached a cage adorned with a garish blue first-place ribbon. Her assistant had put it on the door as a joke. At first, it migrated back and forth as different rats outperformed others. For the past two months, it hadn’t moved.

She opened the cage and made a coaxing motion. “Come here, Einstein.” A fat, white rat dashed out the door onto her hand and scrambled up her right shoulder. His neon-blue eyes gave off an icy intelligence. The change in eye color was one of many side effects of her tests Jane still couldn’t explain. The rat whipped its tail into her hair for balance, hopping from paw to paw.

“Settle down, boy,” she said. She carried Einstein back into the lab with its virtual maze and extended her hand. He raced down her arm to the large trackball and made little jumps in anticipation of the race. As Jane clamped him gently into the metal rig that held him in place, he stopped jumping. 
Einstein differed from the other rats—he never struggled when Jane locked him in place. The other rats fought against the harness, making it difficult to complete the test preparations.

A two-dimensional overview of a simple maze flashed on the screen. Without hesitating, Einstein rolled through the maze on his trackball, completing the challenge in seconds.

“Too easy,” Jane said. “You don’t even deserve a prize.” Despite this, she stroked the rat’s head and gave him a small piece of cheese. Einstein snapped it up in his front paws. As soon as he devoured it, he pulled against his harness and chattered at Jane.

“Relax, big fella.” She tapped on her keyboard to reconfigure the course before bending down to eye level with Einstein. “Now the real challenge begins.” He stared into her sea- green eyes. The small rodent had the intense focus of a fighter about to get in the ring.

A second maze flashed on the screen. There was a straightforward solution that was long and twisting. A second solution existed, but so far, none of the rats had figured it out. The second path had two tiny virtual teleportation pads. If the rats stepped onto one of the pads, they were transported to a corresponding location in a different part of the maze. For this test, the pads would save precious seconds.

“Go,” Jane shouted, starting the timer. Einstein didn’t budge. Instead, he looked back and forth between the obvious path and the first teleportation pad.

“Clock’s ticking,” Jane said to herself in frustration.

Einstein shrieked as he noticed the decreasing progress bar. A tentative paw step forward cleared the maze overview and put him in a six-inch-high virtual hallway. He waddled straight to the teleportation pad but stopped short. He turned his gaze to Jane as his whiskers moved back and forth, up and down. Jane stared back, willing him to make the right move.

The rat rolled forward on his trackball across the pad. The screen flashed, and he teleported to within a few steps of the exit. With a final glance at Jane, he spun through the gate with twenty seconds left on the clock.

Jane clapped her hands. “You did it.” She reached toward him. He clambered up her arm, slower now that he was out of the virtual world. She gave him a piece of cheese and returned him to the steel table.

“Impressive,” she said to the empty room. At times like this she wished someone could appreciate her triumphs. Her coworkers were at the bar. And Robbie? Robbie is Robbie. The warm smile of a mother flitted across her face as she thought about her son.

Einstein broke her reverie as he scratched and clawed at an iPad on the table. “It’s like having a second child,” Jane sighed to herself. She obliged Einstein’s pestering by starting an old episode of Sesame Street. The classic show was his favorite. Most other children’s programming bored him. His second-favorite genre was as far from the Children’s Television Workshop gang as you could get. One of Jane’s more unsavory assistants had decided to play Rated R comedies on the screen in the evening when the animals were alone in their cages. The crass movies entertained Einstein for hours despite the fact he couldn’t understand any of them.

Jane’s mobile phone vibrated. A message from her nanny read, “WHERE R U!!!” She glanced at the time in the lower right of her screen and gave a sharp intake of breath. I did it again, she chided herself.

“Leaving now. Sorry.” She almost typed a sad face emoticon but caught herself. It wouldn’t be well received. She pushed Send and dropped the phone on the lab table. She pounded the results of today’s tests into her computer, not bothering to correct spelling errors as she raced to enter her observations while they were still fresh.

The phone buzzed again. Jane gritted her teeth at the unnecessary back-and-forth. These nastygrams would only delay her departure. She reached for the phone in frustration, but Einstein was perched over it, staring at the screen. She nudged the little rodent back and set her jaw as she read the text.

The screen read, “Who is Einstein?” As she struggled to make sense of the nanny’s text, her eyes scanned back to the previous outbound message. She juggled her phone, almost dropping it on the floor.

The screen read, “I am Einstein.”

Praise for Sapient

“The plot is fast-paced, thought provoking, funny at times, and kept me reading to find out what would happen next. I think that the YA audience will love it.” - Dana Bjornstad

“I loved this story and I especially liked its animal characters - Einstein the lab rat with the keen sense of humor and Bear, the one-eyed German Shepherd dog who seems to always be the butt of Einstein's jokes. And the human characters aren't half bad either.” - Cheryl Stout

“A timeless, engrossing and perfectly-paced techno thriller about the promise – and fear – of modern medical science.” - Best Thrillers

About the author

Jerry Kaczmarowski lives in Seattle with his family. He writes techno-thrillers that explore the benefits and dangers of mankind's scientific advancement. His first book, Moon Rising, was released in June 2014. His second book, Sapient, was published in April 2015.

Jerry spent the first twenty years of his professional life in the consulting industry on the West Coast. His fascination with technology is matched only by his love of stories. His books intertwine action with a keen insight into how technology will shape our lives in the coming years.
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


Thursday 9 July 2015

Review: Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding

Title: Indiscretion
Author: Hannah Fielding
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction, Adult
Publisher: London Wall Publishing
Publication date: April 9th 2015
Pages: 489 (paperback)
Source: received from author (Thank you!!)

A young woman's journey of discovery takes her to a world of forbidden passion, savage beauty, and revenge.

Spring, 1950. Alexandra de Falla, a half-English, half-Spanish young writer abandons her privilged but suffocating life in London and travels to Spain to be reunited with her long-estranged family.

Instead of providing the sense of belonging she yearns for, the de Fallas are driven by seething emotions, and in the grip of the wild customs and traditions of Andalucia, all of which are alien to Alexandra.

Among the strange characters and sultry heat of this country, she meets the man who awakens emotions she hardly knew existed. But their path is strewn with obstacles: dangerous rivals, unpredictable events, and inevitable indiscretions. What does Alexandra's destiny hold for her in this flamboyant land of drama and all-consuming passions, where blood is ritually poured on the sands of sun-drenched bullfighting arena, mysterious gypsies are embroiled in magic and revenge, and beautiful dark-eyed dancers hide their secrets behind elegant lacy fans?

"Indiscretion" is a story of love and identity, and the clash of idealsin the pursuit of happiness. But can love survive in a world where scandal and danger are never far away.

Indiscretion was the first book I read by Hannah Fielding. It certainly is not going to be the last one because I really liked it.

Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres but unfortunately I do not read it that often. At times it is hard to find good historical fiction so I am always happy when I come across new authors. Most of the time I read books that are set in the 19th century or earlier but this one was set in the 20th century what made it only more interesting for me since I do not know that much about the pre-war years in Europe, even though I live in Europe. The author took us back to 1950 London. Alexandra de Falla has lived her whole life in London after her mother died and her father left her behind with her English aunt. Now her father is back hoping to mend their relationship by taking her on a trip to Spain to meet her Spanish family. Once there she does not find the family she was hoping for but at the same time she finds something more than she could have hoped for. Love.

Indiscretion is mainly a romance book. Alexandra writes romance novels yet she has never experienced it herself. That is until she meets her mysterious admirer in Spain. Alexandra was at many points a bit naïve, even though she was in her mid-twenties. Especially when it came to real life problems. Her upbringing had been a bit sheltered so when she is set free for the first time in her life there are so many new things for her to learn. At times her naivety enjoyed me a bit. But it also gave her a lot of space to grow as a character. And she definitely did grow, by the end of the book I really adored her. Salvador his life has been rocky these past couple of years. He had an accident that left immobilized for a while, his engagement got broken off and he got involved with the gypsies. So when he meets the innocent Alexandra the timing is completely off. He is not exactly the man she believes him to be. I was really intrigued by him and by his mood swings. There were so many things to learn about him. Their relationship had a lot of drama and obstacles. Most of it thanks to Salvador and his many secrets. At times I was a bit annoyed with the back and forth going between Alexandra and Salvador but most of the time I really enjoyed seeing their relationship unfold.

The level of descriptions in this book is amazing. The author did an amazing job describing the customs at the masquerade ball, the bull fights and the different settings in Spain. Reading this book was a whole new experience because of all these descriptions. It was easy to imagine how life must have been in Spain around that time.

Overall I really enjoyed reading Indiscretion. It is a great historical fiction book filled with romance, tension and drama. The author her writing style is great and I could not help turning page after page. If you are a fan of historical fiction than I would definitely recommend this book. Personally I cannot wait to read the other books by this author.


Wednesday 8 July 2015

Waiting on Wednesday #100: The Moment of Letting Go by J.A. Redmerski

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. It spotlights books that have not yet been released, but ones that you should pre-order today! This week's book that I am anxiously awaiting is:

The Moment of Letting Go
by J.A. Redmerski


You can follow the rules or you can follow your heart...


Sienna Murphy never does anything without a plan. And so far her plans have been working. Right after college, she got a prestigious job and gained the stability she'd always craved - until work takes her to the sun-drenched shores of Oahu and places her in the path of sexy surfer Luke Everett. For the first time, she lets her heart take control. Drawn to his carefree charm, she makes a spontaneous and very un-Sienna-like decision to drop everything and stay in Hawaii for two more weeks.

Luke lives fast and wild When he meets Sienna, he's convinced that some no-strings-attached fun is just what she needs. As their nights quickly turn from playful to passionate, Luke can't deny the deep connection he feels. But there's a reason Luke doesn't do long-term. He can't promise Sienna forever, when the enormity of his past has shown him just how fragile the future can be.


Why I Can't Wait

So far I have read two books by Redmerski. One of them I loved, the other one not so much. So I am curious to find out how I will like this one. 

Publication date: August 11th


Tuesday 7 July 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #67: Top Ten Hyped Books I've Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Broke and Bookish. This weeks topic is Top Ten Hyped Books I've Never Read


Delirium (Delirium #1) by Lauren Oliver
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia #1) by C.S. Lewis
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children #1) by Ransom Riggs
Graceling (Graceling #1) by Kristin Cashore
Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna) by Kendra Blake
The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) by Rick Riordan
Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) by Jamie McGuire
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #1) by Michelle Hodkin
Across the Universe (Across the Universe #1) by Beth Reves
Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo
Alienated (Alienated #1) Melissa Landers