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The Lady of Secrets - Susan Caroll

Short description

The Lady of SecretsMeg Wolfe, The Lady of Faire Isle, is a gifted healer who can find a cure for almost any ailment. But she's also the daughter of Cassandra Claire, a mad witch and heretic with a notorious history. Meg's infamous lineage makes her a target from both those who want to use her extraordinary talents for good and those who want to use them for evil. One man in particular needs her special skills: to execute his revenge on a king. History and a kingdom hang in the balance as Meg tries to navigate the delicate line between right and wrong. And what she discovers is that she can no longer trust anyone or anything...not even her own heart.

My opinion
The Lady of Secrets was a perfect book for me, since I really love historical fiction and mixed with a bit of paranormal it’s just perfect! There were also other things that made this book great, like Meg and her friend Seraphine . They had both very different characters. Meg thought about things before doing them and she kept most of her feelings to herself, afraid of being hurt of to hurt someone. Where Seraphine did most of the time things before thinking about what the consequences could be. And although it looks like she’s indifferent to a lot she actually does care about the people she loves. But sometimes she’s just to pride or afraid to show it. And that’s why the friendship of this two women is so beautiful, no matter what they think or say they do care for each other and they will do everything to protect each other. And then you got Sir Patrick Graham and Armigil Blackwood, again those two have a very different personality but nonetheless they are very good friends for each other. So that’s the first aspect that made this book so great.
The second aspect was the plotline of the book. I really like books about the British monarchy and I hadn’t read one about king James I before so it was very interesting for me to read. I know that not all the fact that were mentioned in the book will be correct, after all this book is fiction. But still I recognized many things from my literature and history classes in school, like the gunpowder plot. I also loved how the historical part was subtle mixed with a supernatural aspect. Meg was a true witch, but it was also the time of the inquisition so I liked to see the different points of view on this aspect.
The only minor point for me was that the book was written in the third person, because I often find it to connect to the characters when it’s written in this perspective. But in this book I didn’t bother me much because I loved all the characters. And this way it took you on a journey to unravel some secrets and I have to admit that I never saw one of them coming.
So I really like this book and I would recommend it to everyone who loves reading historical fiction.
Note: this is the 6th book in a serie, but it isn’t necessary to read the previous ones to understand the story (I only read this one and I even didn’t know that it was the 6th book).

Author: Susan Caroll
Publisher: Ballatine Books
Pages: 448
Publishing date: December 11th 2012
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