Friday 19 September 2014

Review: A Silent Prayer (A Prayers Series #1) by Samreen Ahsan

20831904Title: A Silent Prayer
Author: Samreen Ahsan
Series: A Prayers Series
Genre: Romance, Adult
Publication date: February 10th 2014
Pages: 330 (paperback) 
Source: received from author

Adam Gibson is a young and powerful Toronto millionaire. Despite his many blessings, he is an atheist thought he has an altruistic soul. He denies there is a God - until he meets a beautiful stranger in a place that does not exist for anyone but him.

Rania Ahmed strongly believes in God, but has lost hope she will ever find her soul mate. Endowed with hypnotic beauty and cursed by a brutal past, Rania has no idea she has cast a spell on Adam, who has never received more from a woman than physical pleasure. As Adam slowly discovers the true meaning of love from Rania, he begins to face his demons and reconsider his beliefs. He learns to love, forgive and repent. But as Adam grows closer to Rania, a series of strange, unexplained events threatens to drive them apart. To keep her from being destroyed by her past, he must persuade her to trust him with her deepest secrets. 

In this spiritual romance, an atheist embarks on a path of enlightenment with a tormented soul who may just have the power to change everything he has ever believed to be true.

Rania is a very average girl. Trying to leave her past behind and build up a life in Toronto the best she can with the guidance of her God. Adam is a young self-made billionaire who believes that money is the only thing you need in life. When there pats cross Adam is not so sure any more that money is all he needs. He pursuits Rania but to his astonishment she’s the first girl to ever turn him down. Rania has built strong walls around her to protect her a long time ago. It’s hard for her to let anyone in, let alone the self-assured Adam. Will they make it together or will there difference pull them apart before they even get started?

This book got me hooked right from the start. Both Rania and Adam had their own point of view. And I really appreciated it. Adam and Rania were so different from each other and both had their own past and secrets. So it was quiet interesting to read the story from their perspective. Adam was willing to let his guard down and tell Rania about his pasts and all his secrets, in the hope that she would follow his example. But Rania’s past still hunts her till these day and she’s too afraid to let her guard down, afraid she will push Adam away with it. We get some glimpses of her past but I guess we will have to wait for the next book to see what has happened to her.

The characters were so intriguing. At times I got really frustrated with them, especially with Adam. 
For my taste he was a little to bossy, and he acted like Rania was his possession even though they were only friends. But he tries his best to change for Rania and more importantly it was clear that he was good for Rania, I guess we all have our faults. Rania frustrated me far less but she had her own faults. She tried to push Adam away and sometimes in some very hurtful ways.  Then again she pushed him to be a better person, she made him see thing he long ago abandoned. They were both portrayed very realistic. They could be your neighbors for all you know.

At first I thought that A Silent Prayer was a standalone book. So I kept wondering why the characters took so long and why there was such a slow progress. But then I noticed that there was a sequel so it all made sense. People who read this book probably want to grab the next one in the series, A Prayer Heeded, immediately since the ending of this book was rater abrupt.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to find out what happens to the characters in the next book. More accurate I can’t wait to finally find out Rania’s past. 


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