Saturday 11 August 2012

Forbidden love


In many YA books you can find forbidden love and well I'm a sucker for it. Sometimes it's sad, but most of the time the chemistry between those characters is huge and that's why I love it so much!
So here is a list with some lovely couples who actually shouldn't love each other.
(This page may contain spoilers)

Bella & Edward - Twilight saga
The most famous couple of all time. But a human and a vampire shouldn't love each other, still I am glad they do!

Gemma & Kartik - Gemma Doyle trilogy
Kartik is an Indian boy. It wouldn't be a problem now but if you live in the nineteenth century, like the British Gemma, it's a huge problem. Still Kartik and Gemma are made for each other. If you want to know how there story ends you have to read the books (which are great!). 

Wanda & Ian - The Host
Another book by Stephenie Meyer. This time it insn't a vampire and a human but a parasite in the body of a girl and a normal guy. And what would you do if you fell in love with the enemy of humanity?

Rose & Dimitri - Vampire Academy
In this book the love between the characters is HUGE, but it is also forbidden. Firstly Dimitri is seven years older than Rose and he doesn't like the age gap between them even though Rose is very mature (most of the time). Secondly he's Rose mentor/tutor and that kind of relationship is always wrong. And thirdly they both protect the Moroi and while they are toghether they are maybe not able to carry out there jobs like they are supposed to. But what can you do against sucha love?

Wilow & Alex - Angel
Alex is an angelkiller and Wilow is an (half)angel. But is it enough for Alex for not killing her? Read and you will find out!

Felicity (Fee) & Pippa (Pip) - Gemma Doyl trilogy
Fee and Pip are both girls and in the nineteenth century it was forbidden. You could not even talk about it!

Rose & Adrian - Vampire Academy
Rose is a pro in loving people when she isn't allowed to. This time she likes Adrian and well Adrian is a HOT Moroi. In the world of Vampires a relantionship between a Dhampire and a Moroi is weird and a bit vulgar. And if that Moroi is accidently a nephew of the queen... you don't want to know then what happens next.

Luce & Daniel - Fallen
Daniel is a fallen angel and Luce is a just mortal. But is she? She isn't just a girl that Daniel likes. No, she is the love of his live. But every time that Daniel and Luce meet and kiss, Luce will go up in flames and reappear after decades. So what will they do about it?

Bella & Jacob - Twilight saga
They were never porperly together but they did love each other. So there are two reasons why they can't be with each other:
1. Bella is happy with Edward
2. Jacob is a werewolf

Nora & Patch - Hush, Hush
Nora is a normal teenage girl and Patch, her mistery classmate, is a fallen angel. We are used to all those weird relationships now, but what if your boyfriends original plan was to kill you?

Renesmee & Jacob - Twilight saga
As we all now Jaco did love her mother, Bella, what is really weird. But then he loves a baby girl, it's a bit pervert. Lucky for him that he has honest intensions or I would kick his ass. And then there is another huge problem Renesmee is a vampire, or at least for a big part, and Jacob is a werewolf. And as you know werewolfs and vampires are each others archenemies!

Meghan & Ash - The Iron Fey
Meghan always thought that she was just an ordinary girl. She couldn't be more wrong because she's the only daughter of Lord Oberon, the king of the Summer fey. And then she meets Ash, the beautiful but ice cold Winter prince. And as you can guess Winter and Summer are not allowed to love each other, they are even not allowed to like each other. Like that isn't enough trouble Ash is still troubled by the death of his former girlfriend who passed away decades ago...

Sydney & Adrian - Bloodlines
Sydney is an alchemist and from very young she is thougth  that vampires are evil, that they are not natural. She holds on to this believes till she meets Rose (from Vampire Academy), she begins to doubt everything she has ever believed in. And then Sydney meets Adrian Ivashkov. Will she hold on to her beliefs or will her heart win for once?

There are still many more I can add but these are some of my favorites.

Forbidden love, nothing's allowed
Senses are shut, feelings are barred
Scarifying is sin, giving is crime
Never come near not even try,

Hurting, burning, making you cry
Avoid it leave it behind
don't say the words
Not to yourself, nor aloud,

Putting you aside, with what do I start?
My heart or my mind?"
Trying to but I can't
because you're with me day and night,

God, give me strength; give me time
to stop what considered not right
for I never knew that love
could be forbidden for some hearts.

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