Friday 4 October 2013

Just a Game by Dustin Stevens


Huntsville, Ohio is the kind of place young boys dream of growing up. A small town where football players are the top of the social hierarchy and heroes are held in high esteem long after their final game is played. For the past three years, Clay Hendricks has realized that dream unlike few others. As the starting quarterback for the Hornets, he has dated the head cheerleader, been greeted by name everywhere he went and served as the visible leader of the community as a whole. Now, faced with his final game, Clay is forced to actually make peace with the impending conclusion of it all. In doing so, he slowly starts to realize that what he was doing all those years was far greater than just playing quarterback and that the impact football has had on himself, his family, and his community is far greater than being just a game.

*Note: I received this book in exchange for an honest review*
Just a Game takes you to a small town, Huntsville, were the most exciting thing that happens almost every week is  football. But it’s more than that it shows how it bond people and how they get a chance that they belong somewhere in their small community. And that’s what was all new to me. I myself live in a small village myself but it’s totally different since I live in Belgium. We Belgians don’t really have a thing were we can all bound over, everyone does their own thing and there is certainly no such thing as school teams. And we’re even lucky if we now or own neighbors. But when I read this book I definitely got the picture of how life must be in such a village in the States. There was no major drama or teen issues in this book it just showed how life is for teenagers that grew up in a small town and what it means to them to be involved in such a thing as football even if it’s just a game.
I would recommend this book to everyone who’s looking for a relaxing read that takes you away to an lovely town were everything happens at his own pace. Since it was written well it was even more enjoyable to read. And while it was relaxing it was also educative, I know now something about football which I didn’t know nothing about before.
So I really loved this book and I hope to read more work by this author soon.

Title: Just a Game
Author: Dustin StevensPublisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Publication date: October 2nd 2012
Pages: 226 (Paperback)
Genre: Contemporary, YA


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