Thursday 16 January 2014

Review: Out of Tune by Michelle D. Argyle

18633481Twenty-year-old Maggie Road's parents are legendary in the country music world. She wants nothing more than follow in their footsteps, but the limelight isn't reserved for singers who can't carry a tune, let alone keep a rhythm. 

When her parents tell her they're getting divorced, Maggie decides it's time to leave home and take her future into her own hands. Moving with Cole, her best friend and sometimes boyfriend, might not be the best of ideas, but she's got to start somewhere. Their off-and-on romance gets even more complicated when Maggie crushes on her new voice teacher, Nathan, who unlocks her stunning potential. A sensational music career of her own is finally within reach, but Maggie might need more than perfect pitch to find what she's really looking for. 

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I really liked this book. These days most in most new adult books I read sex seems the central of the book, like it is obliged to put it in their ‘cause otherwise it won’t be a new adult book. But that was not the case with Out of Tune at that’s part of why I liked this book so much. Maggie still tries to figure out who she is and what she wants, so you can believe me when I say that there is still plenty of love, drama, heartache and self-discovery in this book.

This book held some great messages, believe in yourself and in your dreams no matter what your friends, family or others may say. All Maggie wanted all her life was to sing just like her parents but there is only one problem, she can’t sing. At least what everyone around her says. But Maggie doesn’t give up hope that one day she can sing. The only person who supports her in this is her ex-boyfriend and good friend Cole. But Cole is holding back on Maggie because of his past, afraid that Maggie will never look the same at him if his secrets come out. So instead he pushes her in the direction of Nathan, Maggie’s vocal teacher.

During the book most characters realize that they have made mistakes, mostly to protect the other. And they try to make up for it. So there are many ups and downs in this book what only made it more realistic. I also liked how Michelle explained the music business, she really went into details about that part of the story. The way the book was great too, Maggie and her friends still have to sort some things out but you can clearly see in which direction they are heading. So Out of Tune is definitely one of the best music books that I’ve read so far. 

Title: Out of Tune
Author: Michelle D. Argyle
Genre: Contemporary, YA, NA
Publisher: MDA Books
Publication date: December 3rd 2013
Pages: 376 (paperback)


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