Friday 12 June 2015

Review: Perfect Timing by Robin Mellom

25070878Title: Perfect Timing
Author: Robin Mellom
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult
Publication date: March 1st 2015
Pages: 278 (paperback)
Source: Netgalley

After a break-up with her boyfriend, Tori Wright decides to get her mind of the guy and takes a job running errands for an eccentric couple. Suddenly she finds herself involved in the crazy world of LA nightlife - nightclubs, palm readers, movie stars, and a roving pack of paparazzi. After a misunderstanding lands her in jail, she has one night to clear her name, help a movie starlet avoid the paparazzi, and find Adam... the coworker who is quickly stealing her heart.
As she makes decisions that can changer the course of her life, Tori discovers just how far she'll got to set the record straight.
But is she too late? 
Perfect Timing is a charming romantic comedy that will have you wondering if true love can be found at the wrong time. It's a teen romance that will appeal to readers of New Adult contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins, Jenny B. Jones, Rainbow Rowell, and Sophie Kinsella.

Perfect Timing is the first book that I have read by Robin Mellom but I can already say that it will not be the last. This book was everything that I expected it to be.

Tori was a character that I immediately loved. I loved her voice and she was a lot of fun. Her view on life was quiet interesting. It was also easy to relate to Tori, like me she did not really know what she was good at and what she should do with her life. She had a dream, like we all do but she just assumed that she would never achieve her dream. Another thing that I loved about her was that she lived by all the dating rules she found in self-help books her mother used for her blog.
Adam was a really nice guy. He respected all of Tori her crazy rules and he did not push her like other people did. But most importantly he made Tori feel comfortable. Even though they only knew each other for a short time it felt like they had been friends for ages.

This book was hilarious at some points. Tori and Adam had to do so many odd jobs. Because of that they often landed in some weird situations which led to really funny scenes. I loved reading about their adventures together from delivering donuts to talking themselves into clubs. But my favorite one was definitely when Tori got arrested. The scenes in jail were just hilarious and I could not stop laughing.

Overall I really loved this Perfect Timing. It was an entertaining and sweet read. There were so many funny scenes in it that I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was reading it. The protagonist was great and the romance sweet. While the book might have been somewhat predictable it was still fun to read. I am definitely going to check out the other books by this author.


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