Monday 13 June 2016

Band of the Month June: Christina Grimmie

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I love going to music concerts and to music festivals. My iPod is next to my ereader my best friend. I never go anywhere without my music. So I figured that it was about time that I introduced some music in my blog. From now on I will feature one of my favorite bands each month. Maybe you know them, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ll like them, maybe you’ll hate them. But anyway I think that this is going to be lots of fun!

I think that most people have heard the news by now. Last weekend Christina Grimmie got shot after her concert in Orlando. I cannot believe with which tragedies Orlando has been struck these past days and all my love goes out to the people over there. I decided to dedicate this post this month to Christina Grimmie because she left this world to soon. I used to follow her on YouTube when she did her covers of famous songs and before she participated in the Voice USA. And while I had not listed to her a lot in the last couple of years the news of her death still shocked me. I hope that she will not be forgotten and that she will be an inspiration for many others to keep believing in your dreams because she was following hers. 


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  1. Nice post El. I too was shocked when I heard the news. I couldn't believe it. I started listening to Christina on YouTube as well. She had such a wonderful voice and was simply breathtaking on the keyboard. It's really sad she died so young, but I'm happy that at least she was chasing her dream.


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