Thursday 22 December 2016

Concert Review: The Amity Affliction at the Roundhouse London

foto van Elien Mauriƫn.Band: The Amity Affliction
Opening bands: Wage War, Stray from the Path and Northlane
Venue: The Roundhouse London
Date: December 6th 2016

By now you probably all start to realize how much that I love to go to concerts. In some way they are just really addictive. So the other week I went to the last concert that I had planned for this year and that was The Amity Affliction.

At first I was not sure if I would be going to this one since I am not a big fan of one of the bands they were touring with. But in the end I decided that it would be worth it since the other bands were all great. And I am glad that I decided to go because the evening was great.  Wage War was the first band of the evening to play; they are still a relatively young band with only one album. I had never heard of them before until I found out that they would be touring with The Amity Affliction.  I am so glad that I discovered them because this band is truly amazing and I can see them doing some great things in the future. After them it was Stray From the Path, they weren’t bad at all and I truly enjoyed listening to their music. But I do not think that it’s a band that I would just frequently listen to in my free time. But it was still good fun to see them live and the crowd seemed to love them as well.  After that it was time for Northlane to take the stage. And this is the band that I am not the biggest fan of.  With their music it is that I like some parts of their songs but I absolute dislike other parts. I cannot put my finger exactly on it why that is but it just has always been like that with them for every song. I was hoping that I would like them better when I saw them life, but that wasn’t really the case. But maybe it is just me since a lot of people seem to absolutely love them and they were all having an excellent time.

Finally after the long wait The Amity Affliction came on the stage. I got to know this band last year and I fell in love with them from the start. Their lyrics are so strong and to the point. And if you combine that with their instrumental skills, well it just blows you away. I had already seen them live earlier in the year at a festival and I enjoyed them so much that I wanted to go see them again. Especially since they had a new album out this year. I am so glad that I did go see them again. They were so good! It was insane; I just completely lost myself in the music. Even more so in their old songs. Maybe it is just because some of them hit so close to home. Anyway the guys were great again and it was everything that I could have asked for.

Overall the evening was great. The music was amazing most of the time and the vibe that the crowd gave off was good as well. I cannot wait for next year and for more concerts!


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