Monday 6 February 2017

Review: Will I See? by David Alexander Robertson

31258104Title: Will I See? 
Author: David Alexander Robertson
Genre: Comic Book, Graphic Novel
Publisher: HighWater Press
Publication date: December 30th 2016
Pages: 56 (paperback)
Source: Netgalley

May, a young teenage girl, traverses the city streets, finding keepsakes in different places along her journey. When May and her kookum make thsese keepsakes into a necklace, it opens a world of danger and fantasy. While May fights against a terrible reality, she learns that there is strength in the spirit of those that have passed. But will that strength be able to save her? A story of tragedy and beauty, Will I See illuminates the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women. 

I am a really big fan of comic books so when I saw this one on Netgalley I requested it since it looked interesting enough.

But unfortunately I did not like it at all. There did not seem to be a story line at all in this comic. It was just about a girl who found random stuff on the ground and collects it and that has a grandmother who always warns her that girls should be afraid when they are outside alone. I really did not see the point of this whole comic. There was hardly any conversation and the scenes seemed to jump from one point to another. So this whole comic just did not make much sense to me.

Conclusion, this comic really was not my thing and it was only because it was so short that I even finished it. 


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