Monday 26 May 2014

Review: Epiphany by Steve Lee

Title: Epiphany
Author: Steve Lee
Publisher: Smith Publicity
Publication date: August 8th 2013
Pages: 328 (paperback) 

Just outside a small town in America's heartland, a young Iowan farm boy, Josh Peterson, finds his life turned upside down by an odd series of reoccurring dreams. Suddenly caught in a violent assault, Josh watches as two mysterious figures from these dreams abruptly appear to intervene in his behalf. In one inexplicable moment, these men somehow suspend reality, and in the process, rescue him from certain death. 
In the years that follow, Josh struggles to understand what happened that day, and the meaning of the dreams that somehow come to shape his life. In time, he finds these images connect him to a people who once lived centuries earlier, and who were themselves rescued by these same men.While he wrestles with this, a cascading chain of gobal events begins to unford around him, paralleling the tragedies he's witnessee in his dreams. 
Created by the arrogance of man, this crisis quickly begins to unravel the fabric of civilization, tracing out the now familiar pattern of 'Rise and Fall' - even as an unseen force lingers at the edge of perception, drawing Josh through an event anticipated eons in advance. 
This as civilization itself teeters on the lip of an abyss. 

As long as Josh remembers he has this dreams. Nothing unusual you would think, everyone dreams. But Joshes’ dreams are different, somehow they  feel more real.  All his dreams are set somewhere in the past, during the Roman Empire or during the Middle ages, all in different parts of the world. His dreams become all the more real when he two of the people that occur in all his dreams come into his life and appear to be real. Except are they human or something supernatural or are they just in his imagination?

The story was not what I expected originally but  the it was well written and I enjoyed reading it.  Still it felt like it was a book for the thinkers among us. There were a lot of questions I had throughout the book and you had to be careful to connect all the right dots. But when I finished the book I had to admit that the author definitely had some good point, throughout time people have destroyed there worlds like the Roman Empires without realizing they were destroying it. And if we aren’t careful this might happen again to us, only it will be more disastrous. 

But the book also shows that there is always hope, or society may rise or fall but in the end we will always make it back. Maybe this once we will learn from or past mistakes and open our eyes to see the reality of our world as it is. It’s never too late to change for the better. In the end we all need to help to build a better world for everyone.

This is an ideal book for everyone who is looking for a book that will make you think about things you otherwise never would have thought about. 


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