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Review: Glitch (Lost In Time #1) by Brenda Pandos

20767965Title: Glitch
Author: Brenda Pandos
Series: Lost In Time
Genre: Sci-Fi, Dystopian, YA
Publisher: Obsidian Mountain Publishing
Publication date: January 31st 2014
Pages: 304 (paperback)
Source: Netgalley

Blue Eyes and his illegal slip of paper are about to shatter Abby's perfect world. When a mysterious guy from the forbidden zone sneaks a note to a beautiful young girl from Brighton, she must decide if she should turn him in or follow what the note says. Eighteen-year-old Abby has no trouble following Brighton's rules. For one, she's OCD about checking her Date of Death clock latched to her wrist, making sure her decisions never shorten her lifetime, and two, she enjoys the peace Brighton has to offer. But when her best friend returns from her Advice Meeting - a glimpse into the future - shell shocked and won't tell Abby what's happened, she's worried what awaits her meeting in a few days. The stranger with blue-eyes warned her not to go, but does Abby dare enter the forbidden zone to get answers? Or is she doomed to live the life her glimpse is about to show her? Find out in the suspenseful YA romance!

The United States has been destroyed many years ago. But from its ashes Brighton has risen. It seems like a perfect little country. Enhanced technology, almost no crime and thanks to the DOD (Death of Dead) watches you know exactly how long you have to live and which situations you can better avoid if you want to live longer. The rules are simple, follow the rules and never go outside the wall. Behind the wall everything is uncontrollable, zombies roam the lands and diseases threaten everyone who is still alive. At least that’s what Abby has always been told. Until a blue-eyed boy changes her life forever.

The first hundredth pages I was really into this book. Enough things happened to catch my interest, the world concept of the book was rather interesting and I liked the characters. Abby is a girl that has always followed the rules in her life. But one single moment changes everything and she has rather a hard time accepting it. She tries to fight it even though she knows that her whole life was basically a lie and that she’s better off now. After a while tough I got a tad annoyed with Abby. She claimed to have this instant connection with Kaden, and he with her, while she hated his guts at the beginning of the book. Clearly Memphis, Kaden’s brother, was into her for a legitimate reason. He spent a lot of time with Abby, while she got used to her life outside the wall, while Kaden was nowhere in sight. Still she was irritated with him, and not Kaden, while all he did was being nice while Kaden was, let’s face it, a total jerk. So yeah I couldn’t really follow her reasoning. Other than that I had no problem with any of the characters whatsoever.

Glitch is one of those stories that starts of strong, lacks of a bit in the middle, and then at the ending all the action happens.  For my taste the ending happened a little too fast, suddenly a lot of new things were revealed and it was a little hard a times to follow the story line. And the book left me with even more questions than I had at the beginning of the book.

Overall a decent book, certainly if you are interested in reading Sci-Fi/Dystopian. While I might not have been blown away by Glitch I’m still going to read the second book in this series because it just has to much potential.


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