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Shatter (True Believers #4) by Erin McCarthy

20821138Title: Shatter
Author: Erin McCarthy
Series: True Believers
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
Publisher: InternMix
Publication date: September 2nd
Pages: 304 (paperback)
Source: Netgalley

From the USA Today bestselling author of True, Sweet, and Believe comes a tantalizing New Adult novel about finding love in the most unexpected ways...

Kylie Warner prides herself on being optimistic, but after finding her best friend in bed with her boyfriend and flunking chemistry, her upbeat attitude has taken a dive. Even an impromptu hook-up with her sexy new chemistry tutor only brightens her mood slightly. After all, it's not like she'll ever see the tattooed scholar again...

While he's a whiz at complex equations, Jonathon Kadisch has trouble when it comes to figuring out women. So when Kylie tells him that she's pregnant after their night of passion, he's at a complete loss. He's prepared to be a good father - unlike his own deadbeat dad - but he's less prepared to fall for the genuine and alluring blond bearing his child.

With emotions running high, Kylie wonders if Jonathon's devotion is out of growing love or looming obligation. And when heartbreak threatens to tear them apart, Jonathon will have to fight for the only girl who's ever mad him feel whole...

While Shatter is the fourth book in this series it is the first book I’ve actually read. It was doable, I mean you didn’t get lost in the story because you hadn’t read the other ones yet. But I would still recommend that you read the previous books first since this one contains minor spoilers from the previous books.

Kylie is a mess when we meet her in this book. She’s still recovering from the shock that her boyfriend slept with one of her best friends. She moved out of their mutual apartment, and lets be honest Kylie is not a person to live alone. She enjoys company way too much. To top it all of her chemistry grades are slipping. Luckily for her she finds herself a tutor who can work miracles. And a miracle is all she needs at the moment. Expecting a chemistry nerd she’s surprised when she meets Jonathon. He’s everything but a nerd and when she’s with him she feels alive again for the first time in months. There one night together leads to something more, something they both never had expected. Together they must find a way to get over this obstacle or it might destroy them both.

I’ve always believed that when you both have completely different characters you will only complement each other better and that it does make your relationship more interesting and colorful. Jonathon and Kylie proved that to me. Kylie and Jonathon were completely different people. She was the optimist, nothing could bring her down. While Jonathon was the realist, after all everything can be explained by science. But what can you say opposites attract. It was one of the things I enjoyed the most about this book. They were both learning from each other, they didn’t think that there vision on the world was better or worse. Kylie’s lack of confidence in herself annoyed me a little, I mean I get it she got cheated on by her ex-boyfriend. But she was such a bubbly and fun character. So she shouldn’t have worried so much that she wasn’t good enough for Jonathon. Jonathon was a great guy, he’s almost everything I would look for in a guy. He’s incredibly sweet, a little dorky, funny and cute. He had his own garbage from the past but it didn’t hold him back.

Throw in Kylie’s best friends and Jonathon’s flat mate and you have a whole bunch of merry people. They made sure that there were enough humorous moments in this book. They were exactly what I needed after a tough scene between Jonathon and Kylie.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast read with a lot of touching scenes. I’m definitely going to read the other three books in this series.  


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