Monday 28 November 2016

Concert Review: Architects at the O2 Academy Brixton

Band: Architects
Opening Acts: Stick To Your Guns and Bury Tomorrow
Venue: O2 Academy Brixton
Date: November 18th 2016

Another week, another concert. There are times that I really think that going to concerts have become some sort of addiction. I just cannot help going to them, I guess it is kind of the same with books I can just not help buying those either. But they are always good fun so I guess it is money well spent.

This week’s review is of Architects at the O2 Academy Brixton. This concert was so special, the band has gone through so much this year so it was great to see them there on stage giving everything they had. But more on that later; let’s start with the opening acts first. Stick To Your Guns, had to honor to open for Architects. I am a big fan of them so for me it was great that I got to see two bands that I love in one evening. And they did not disappoint me. They played so many of my favorite songs; they started off with Nobody which is like my all-time favorite of them. These guys have so much energy on stage that you cannot help but get excited when they play. And what I love the most is that their songs always carry an important message, they are not just meaningless songs but they actually want to inspire and comfort the people who listen to it. It was a shame that they were just the opening act because I would not have minded at all if they had played longer! After them it was time for Burry Tomorrow to take the stage. To be fair I had never heard of them before but I have to admit that they were not bad at all. And the crowds went mad for them; at this point I could already feel that the evening would turn into something special. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing those guys playing again in the future.

Now on to the main act of the evening, Architects. Right from the very first notes of Nihilist that they played you knew that the crowds were going to get mental. And boy it did, I probably went home with a couple of bruises from all the circle pits but it was all worth it. This band is another band that writes really powerful lyrics and when they perform them you can really feel all there pain, hate and love in them. Seeing them perform is something really special. And the past tour that they have done is even more special. Earlier this year, Tom Searle, the guitarist of the band and twin brother of the drummer, passed away due to cancer. It must be and still is a difficult period that the band has to go through. But at the concert the support we all gave them was incredible; there was a feeling of unity when the crowd chanted out Toms name to show their support to the band. And you could clearly see that the band was performing for Tom. It was a very powerful and emotional show and I don’t think anyone left the show unmoved. Especially after Tom’s brother held a speech at the end of the show. Anyway there are not enough words to describe this evening and I am glad that I could be there to be part of this stunning evening. 


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