Thursday 10 November 2016

Review: Phantasma by Efthalia

29156299Title: Phantasma
Author: Efthalia
Genre: Supernatural, Adult, Romance
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication date: April 12th 2016
Pages: 396 (paperback)
Source: received from author

Carissa Alkippes is the daughter of a god but she doesn't know it. As a cop she's seen her fair share of bad but nothing prepared her for the horror of the world she has been plunged into. 

Xen lyson is the head of the Phi Athanatoi, a group of immortals who have been protecting man for over 2,000 years from the Kakodiamones - demons who want nothing more than to feast on humanity. 

Thrown face to face with Xen during a skirmish with the demons, Carissa becomes a pawn in the deadly game of a demi-god who seeks godly powers.

Phantasma was not really my cup of tea. It started of good and it had a lot of potential but it just could not hold my interest until the end.

I liked that the book had some Greek mythology woven into it together with some other supernatural aspects but I would have loved it if the author had exploited those things more. You can do so many great things with Greek mythology but know it sometimes felt like it was there just because she needed some action.

Basically what this book was just about a hot sexy guys that has been around for centuries and has never found love and this lovely, beautiful and independent girl who happens to be all alone as well. And of course when they meet it is love at first side and since it is a supernatural book they were fated to be with each other. And to be fair I am a bit done with that. But I could have looked past that if the rest of the book was okay. At first it was there was some mystery going on and some action. But then it seems like the author run out of inspiration since the story kept repeating itself. Carissa, the main character got kidnapped and rescued by Xen about five times. And those five times she got kidnapped by the same time. After the second kidnapping I already got a bit tired of it and that is where the book lost my interest.

Overall I was not really impressed by this book. It started off pretty good but after that it went downhill which is really a shame since it had so much potential. I probably will not continue this series since I have this feeling that it will just be more like this.


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