Friday 18 November 2016

Concert Review: Bring Me The Horizon live at the O2 Arena London

Band: Bring Me The Horizon
Opening Acts: Don Broco and Basement
Venue: O2 Arena London
Date: November 5th 2016

Earlier this week I posted a Band of the Month post which featured Bring Me The Horizon. As it happens I also went to a concert of them last week. And I am going to be completely honest here, it was the third time I saw them this year. But I do not regret seeing them that much in the least! They are such an amazing band and probably one of my all-time favorites as well. Besides every single time I have seen them it was in a different setting. With a live orchestra, at a festival or like this time in the O2 arena in London. Anyway now lets get started on how amazing the evening was!

BMTH had brought two other bands with them on their UK tour and I am always someone who goes in time for the support acts as well even when I do not know them. Sometimes I get nicely surprised by it and can add another band to my ever growing list of bands that I love. So on this tour it was Basement that got to warm the public up for the next bands. I had never heard of them but I decided to give them a shot anyway. It was not like they were bad but I would not say that I will probably go watch them when they headline their own concerts. But it is always nice to get to experience a new band and it also a great opportunity for them to open such a great concerts. The second opening act was Don Broco and I just love those guys. I have been listening to them for a couple of years now but I had never had the chance to see them live before. So I was so happy when I found out that they would be opening for BMTH. And I am so glad that I finally did see them they were truly amazing, they knew how to sweep up the crowd. From that moment on my evening could only get better. And I am definitely planning on seeing those guys again whenever I get the chance.

Now on to BMTH their concert. I have no idea where to begin to be honest. It was such a great experience. The visual aspects were on point with their songs that it was almost impossible to believe. And the live music itself was so great as well. I might have seen them a couple of times already but every time they know how to bring their songs somewhat differently. You know when you see some bands live then it just seems like they are playing their songs exactly like they appear on the record.  Which is fine but it is always nicer when they add a little extra to it when they play it live.  And that is exactly what BMTH does, the intro to their songs are always something special which keeps you guessing as to which song will be next. On top of that they always tend to change some other things up as well so it never feels the same whenever you go to see them. Another great thing is that atmosphere whenever you go see them live. Everyone can scream their songs at the top of their lungs and you can let completely go of yourself which is what I am always looking for when I go to a concert.

Overall I really loved this concert. It was an amazing evening that I probably will not forget any time soon. And to be hones I cannot wait until I get the chance again to see them live!

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