Thursday 3 November 2016

Concert Review: You Me At Six at O2 Shepherd's Bus Empire London

Band: You Me At Six
Opening act: Vant
Location: O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire London
Date: 24th October 2016

This year I have been going to so many concerts. So I thought why do I not write reviews for those? Music is a big passion of mine so it would make sense to future it more on my blog here. From now on I am also going to review all the concerts that I have been to. And the first one will be You Me At Six, live at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire London.

When I was sixteen I went to a concert with my friends for the first time in my live and that concert happened to be You Me At Six. I still remember that one really clearly and I loved every minute of it. Since then I never stopped following their music and each album they bring out is so different from the one before and it seems like they keep growing every year. So last week I finally got the chance to see them again after all those years and I was so happy that I was lucky enough to get tickets since their London show sold out in less than three minutes!

Anyway now about that concert last week, it was just brilliant from the start. They had picked a great opening band called Vant, I had never heard of them before but they were definitely worth coming early. The guys brought so much energy with them that the crowd was well warmed up before You Me At Six came on stage. When they finally came on stag the crowed was buzzing and you could feel the anticipation and boy they did not let me down. They started so strong from the very first minute and they kept it going all the way through the end.  It’s incredible to see how much these guys have grown as a band throughout the years. Josh has so much more control over his voice now and he can put so much emotion in it that it really moves you. Instrumental and lyrically they have grown so much as well. This is understandable since they were just teenagers when they started with the band.  Now when they perform their songs transport you to another level and their music really has the ability to unify the whole crowd.

As far as the songs go that they played, they did pick out some really good ones. For me it was hard it was hard to say which ones I definitely wanted to hear since I am such a big fan of them and can sing every single one of their songs along at the top of my lungs. But the ones they played were definitely some of my favorites. I also loved that they still played songs from their older albums as well, since some bands sometimes only play songs from their latest album. And what makes it even greater is that the whole crowed knew all the songs. From the oldest to the newest ones. I don’t come across that really often and it made the experience that much greater.

Going to the show in London was an amazing experience and it was definitely worth the wait. To me they proved again why they are one of my favorite bands ever and why I will listen to any kind of music that they will make. And let me tell you those guys are only to keep growing. I cannot wait to see them again on tour and for their new album to come out!


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